20 Jan 2014

Baby Huxley

Our sweet baby! Little Miss Huxley was born June 27th and we skipped a lot of pics between posts, so here are some of her first baby pics. More to come!

17 Jan 2013

Christmas Flashbacks

Lots of cheer and fun from the parade to all of the fun presents! Click to check out the joy that was 2012!

17 Jan 2013

New Year, New Bed

My goodness, it has been a while since I wrote a little bit here. Well, with the wedding and the rest, we have been very busy. But you can see more of that here.

This bed literally took 4 people to move up a ladder on to the back balcony, through the guest room, hallway and i to the master besroom.Noah bundled it at the antique store with our new mid century lamp since the living room is so dark.

But here I am with Captain Bubby Face trying it out for the first time. It is so big and luxurious!


19 Mar 2012

Spring is Sprung!

Sorry for the major hiatus, but we have been getting marriage plans in order, cleaning up the house and farm and business is doing well. Now that the weather has been nearly perfect for the last week or two, it is time to post some more fun pics and style ideas! Look forward to seeing more of me as we continue to enjoy the warmth, trees and flowers!

A few pics from a barbeque at my sisters with the niece and nephew and another of a cute summer outfit for a long day of work. If I can’t be outside, I am bringing the outside into the salon!

PS. We had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day with all of our friends and even fixed our first meal of corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes. We are now cleaning up the garage loft so that we can put a video projector and a Wii out there for bowling night. Stay tuned!

25 Jan 2012

3D with Ava

I recently went to see Beauty and the Beast 3D with my beautiful and hilarious niece, Ava. Noah snapped this picture to show you our brilliant dimension-changing specs! LOL.

3D glasses Ava Disney

He posted it to Facebook with the caption: “We are from Planet Dingdong 3. We came for your dimensions.”

29 Nov 2011

Christmas Tree, 2011

We got our tree up last night…after dropping it once and Noah cursing for a few minutes. The lights went on beautifully and we even got the mantle decorated. Since Noah grew up on a Christmas Tree farm, we have a rich tradition during the holiday!

They are not the best pictures, but you get the idea!

[latest revision 12.2.11] Here’s the tree at night. View from the dining room where all of my latest thrift shop finds for the wedding currently reside!

23 Nov 2011

Our Wedding Website

It’s up with engagement pictures!


13 Nov 2011

Engagement Shots

Here are some of the images we had taken recently with Dave Mason @ ISPhotographic. He is the best! Stay tuned for more!